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La Isla Bonita, photo story of a weekend getaway to La Palma

As a kid I always thought Madonna had dedicated her song to the Canarian island of La Palma. That’s how we call it over here. Later on I learnt that I was wrong, as Madonna had absolutely no clue where La Isla Bonita was or even if the place called San Pedro even existed. She just made it up when she wrote the song or probably read it somewhere on her way to the recording studio. Classic pop music story. Anyway, I’d rather stick to my version of the story, which is a little island off the coast of Africa that remains an oasis of peace and silence. A treasure full of traditions and wild sceneries.

    We encountered the roughest weather in years. Barranco de Los Tilos showing off.

Las Salinas de Fuencaliente.

Ruta de Los Volcanes is a long hike from the middle part of the island towards the southernmost tip of the island.


Yes, Canary Islands can also get moody.        Yes, Canary Islands can also get moody.

This Volcano last erupted in 1971. That feels like a week ago, huh? Volcán del Teneguía.

South side landscapes.       
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