Visual stories

Henna Palosaari at the Gran Guanche

I followed Henna on the Tenerife leg of the race for her bike sponsor (FARA cycling). Nobody could tell Henna’s experience better than herself, so here you are:
“Tenerife - might look like a dream but reality was different. We started riding 4am after 2 hours of ’sleep’, I felt fine in the beginning but then it got cold and I couldn’t drink or eat enough often while climbing on the gravel track. Soon, I felt so bad that I didn’t feel like eating or drinking at all so I ran out of energy but I still kept climbing and I can tell you that’s no fun.

I reached the point when I was so tired that whatever I tried to do or say I cried. I cried on and off the bike but I kept moving. I started to feel my achilles hurting but I ignored it and focused on surviving. I did not wanna give up, I wanted to catch the last ferry.

After a long and slow ramble (I don’t think I’ve ever moved so slow with my bike) and countless short breaks, I reached the top of the last climb and started the 40km descent down to the ferry. I knew I would make it. But I was still crying. Now I felt the pain - my achilles hurt so much I couldn’t pedal with the left foot. I had no energy to think what I should do so I just got on the ferry to El Hierro and booked a hotel to sleep in.

Definitely the most painful day I’ve ever had on my bike but for sure one to remember in good and bad.”

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