FINDING MYSELF, a short film about Sami Sauri
Client: Sami Sauri
Type of shoot: Commercial
Location: Lanzarote (Canary Islands)

“With this video i hope to inspire humans, women, men, kids, and people to keep looking forward to moving their lives into a better life. Outdoors can get you wherever you want, can make you see the world with other eyes, no need to go far, no need to change your life for it just need to wake up and do what you love.Balance is the key of life, if you achieve balance you achieve control in life.”

Film by Sergio Villalba
Directed and Produced by Sami Sauri
DP Sergio Villalba
Assistant Ruben Plasencia
Graphic design Octavio Juan Artiles

Thanks to: Amy Laurens David Millar Casa Maccaroni.

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