Visual stories

Andy Criere

Version 2.0 of a surfer

Andy embraced social media as just a few else were able to. He was born in the transition era and realized times were changing early enough to adopt not only the new ways we do communicate nowadays but the ability to monetize his digital imprint as well. He's what I would define as a Surfer v2.0, someone who's asked not only to shine in the water, but also digitally on everyone else's smartphones.

A minute with Andy

-As a creative mind, you are always chasing something. Do you think you'll ever get to a point where you want to stay still?

The moment you think you are sure of something is the exact moment you are not. For this reason I believe more in the constant adaptation to what surrounds you in an exact situation. As long as I’m happy my closest people it is to in result of how I act in the achievement of my goals, it would mean I’m on the right direction.

- Any places you are still dying to go?

Plenty to discover and rediscover...

- New places vs. already visited places?

Any trip you do again is the different for the simple reason that you’ve grown and see things differently. In the other hand, there is plenty of places I’d like to go without my surfboards and get to see, taste and feel the cultures from the inside.

Any project bouncing in your head that we'll see soon?

Yes! A new concept of audiovisual project that will still be a surprise... I can’t say much more for now, but it will come during the year.

-If someone asked you what you do for a living, how would you respond?

On paper, I’m a professional ambassador for brands, in person is a whole different story! 5.2 I prefer to listen more than talking to say the truth. I enjoy much more that approach and I believe there is more to learn this way. What I’m sure about and I will say is I get to do what I love most for living, surfing.

-How has surfing changed in the past ten years?

I think we are living the highest and fastest progression of surfing ever. It’s great to see how well considered is surfing today and how many positive values it is associated too. We are having great opportunities in different areas I which by working hard you can get to live doing what from your passion in a sportive and healthy lifestyle.

-Social Media turned out to be essential for surfers and athletes in general nowadays. How's your relationship with them?

Oh yes, they do. We have to take them the way it is: one great support to reach people by sharing what you do. It’s a great tool if you make sure the maximum focus is on our actions and make a game plan as part of your actions, not the opposite. Personally I take it as an advantage, as a game, as an expression of what I feel when I go surfing...

The Visual Stories are either a good starting point to see my work, or the perfect dose of personal photography before you leave. Your call.

An online gallery’s nice, but nothing beats a good old document with a bunch of photos.
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