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16 meters wall paste in Romania

In may 2016 I was invited to Romania's FISart street art festival. There I had a unique chance to print one of my favorite photos on billboard paper and blow it up to cover a huge wall located in the Aquatim facilities, the public water company in the city of Timisoara. A group of artists from all over the planet and I literally took over the place for 12 intense days, bearing some of the hottest days I'm able to recall.

The wall was 16m x 7m and it took 2 entire days in 40ºC temperature, 40 liters of glue, a crane and the help of two assistants to get it done. Once finished I walked back a few steps and watched it from a distance. As you can see below, the result is pretty impressive.

* Since we left the next day, the only photos I managed to take of the finished piece still had some dripping glue.