Travel and sports photographer

Client: Red Bull

In 2015 I visited the Faroe Islands for the third time, this time with a slightly different approach. If surfing and the obsession for perfect waves was my main goal during the first two trips, this time it was the extremely powerful wind for windsurfing the main subject. I gathered a crew to join me there on assignment for Red Bull with the essential help of the Faroe Islands' tourist board. We scored some epic conditions on a place that has become quite familiar to me on the last 7 years.

As an international windsurfing pro, German-born Bruch has competed all over the world, but this trip was personal. The 34-year-old has travelled almost 6,000 miles to the Faroe Islands from the Canaries, which have been his home for decades. Located halfway between Scotland and Iceland, the Faroes comprise 18 jagged volcanic islands sitting directly in the storm channel of the wild North Atlantic. They’re an adrenalin junkie’s wet dream. Being a long way from home – and from his comfort zone – is what brought Bruch here: he wanted to do what no one else had ever done. “The conditions are so unpredictable and exposed. I was driven by tackling the unknown. No one had attempted to windsurf in the Faroes, so I had to try.”

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